Reports on freshwater kill of oysters in Rappahannock River caused by Hurricanes Connie and Diana

Jay D. Andrews, Viriginia Insitute of Marine Science


[Memorandum] to members of the Study Committee on the Mortality of Oysters in the Rappahannock River. -- Memorandum on the future of oyster planting in the upper Rappahannock River. -- Extracts and notes on mortalities from the Reports of the Virginia Commission of Fisheries. -- The sudden mortality of oysters in the Rappahannock River, Virginia, in the summer of 1949. -- Distribution of oyster mortality in the Rappahannock River, September 10-13, 1955, [by] J.L. McHugh. -- Memorandum on fresh-water kills. -- Notes on survey of Rappahannock and Corrotoman Rivers, 23 September 1955. -- Memorandum to Oyster Mortality Study Committee. -- Memorandum on Mackin's manuscript, entitled "Oxygen and hydrogen sulphide."