Submissions from 2017


Fighting to Belong: Asian American Military Service and American Citizenship, Deenesh Sohoni


Restrictionist Discourse by the Numbers: The Framing of the Demographic Impacts of Immigration, Deenesh Sohoni

Submissions from 2014

The Impact of Activity Interventions on the Well-Being of Older Adults in Continuing Care Communities, Vicki Winstead, Vicki Winstead, William A. Anderson, and Elizabeth A. Yost

Submissions from 2010


The Fight to be American: Military Naturalization and Asian Citizenship, Deenesh Sohoni

Submissions from 2009


Mapping School Segregation: Using GIS to Explore Racial Segregation between Schools and their Corresponding Attendance Areas, Deenesh Sohoni

Submissions from 2000


Incorporating Writing into the Mass Class: An Alternate Model for Quiz/Discussion Sessions, Deenesh Sohoni

Submissions from 1999


Choosing the Big City: Destination Choices of Asian Immigrants to the West Coast of the United States, Deenesh Sohoni