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Classical Studies




"Ancient Greece from 2000 to 146 BCE maintained a gendered hierarchy, more specifically a patriarchy in which women were closer to the status of a slave than a citizen. In order to dive deeper into the philosophy behind the formation and importance of the patriarchy in the lives of women, three sites will be examined: the Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron, the Sanctuary of Demeter at Corinth, and the complicated site of Andania. Each sanctuary houses an important cult that emphasizes the female role, whether that be through leadership or the complete exclusion of men. Each sanctuary provides architectural evidence that supports the connection between the formation of ritual and the built form, thus corroborating the essential role of women in antiquity despite their apparent invisibility. Women experienced forced subordination due to a pre-existing patriarchal hierarchy and yet their role in religion highlights their integral position within society. I will explore the foundations in ancient Greece that support this dichotomy between women’s roles in the religious and domestic spheres through societal institutions, architecture, and ritual."