Early Recruitment And Growth Of The American Oyster Crassostrea-Virginica (Bivalvia, Ostreidae) With Respect To Tidal Zonation And Season

JF LaPeyre
M Faisal


The protozoan, Perkinsus marinus, acclimated and proliferated in the culture medium JL-ODRP-1 without bovine serum albumin. The principal culture conditions for the optimal propagation of P. marinus in this protein deficient culture medium, were determined. The greatest growth rates of the parasite occurred at 28 degrees C, 661 mOsm/kg and pH 7.5. Decreasing seeding densities from 16 x 10(5) to 1 x 10(5) also increased growth rate. After several passages in the absence of 5% CO2 tension, the growth rate of P. marinus was similar to its original value in the presence of 5% CO2 tension. This protein deficient culture medium is ideally suited to study parasite-derived proteins since P. marinus extracellular proteins in culture supernatants were produced and were easily detected by gel electrophoresis and silver staining.