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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Project Coordinator, Jackson Davis (VIMS) | Volume Coordinator, Beverly Laird (VIMS)

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The effects of Tropical Storm Agnes on the Chesapeake Bay Estuarine System


Chesapeake Research Consortium


Chesapeake Research Consortium publication ; no. 54


Dissolved oxygen (DO) and salinity levels in the James, York, and Rappahannock estuaries were monitored for approximately two months (June 24-August 31, 1972) following Tropical Storm Agnes. DO depressions developed more rapidly and were more severe in the deep waters of the York and Rappahannock than in the James. Depressions that developed immediately after the storm were followed by recoveries and subsequent, more severe depressions. In late July, bottom water DO concentrations below 1 mg/1 were found at stations covering 15 miles of the York and 25 miles of the Rappahannock. Comparison of river data with Chesapeake Bay data suggests that the rivers contributed oxygen poor water to the Bay during the post-Agnes period. Comparison of 1972 river data with data from other years suggests that the post-Agnes oxygen depressions were more severe than those that occur in normal years.

Observations On Dissolved Oxygen Conditions In Three Virginia Estuaries After Tropical Storm Agnes (Summer 1972)

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