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Workboat Racing: A Bay Tradition 2

Workboat races have a long and storied history on the Chesapeake Bay. Since the early 1980s, Virginia Sea Grant has been involved in bringing this bay tradition to the forefront of local waterfront celebrations. Jon Lucy provides a history of the boats, the watermen and the modern-day race events.

Why Every Marina Should Be A Clean Marina 7

The Virginia Clean Marina Program promotes voluntary environmental protection. The program, designed to protect and promote clean waterways, has been widely successful in the state. Tom Murray and Pete Hall discuss the process of becoming and the benefits achieving clean marina status.

A Day In The Life 10

Science teachers from across the Commonwealth gathered in Wachapreague this summer to experience a few days in the life of a marine biologist. The teachers, led by educators Carol Hopper Brill and Vicki Clark, explored the environs of the Eastern Shore, collecting data and specimens as part of the Virginia Earth Science Collaborative, a program designed to endorse more teachers in the earth science curriculum.

Sea Scallop Surveys Show Results 13

Researchers William DuPaul, Dave Rudders and Noëlle Yochum have spent several years monitoring a stock of sea scllops in the Elephant Trunk closed management area off of Delaware Bay. The research teams estimate that the area holds over 100 million pounds of harvestable scallop meats. In 2007, the area will reopen to scallop harvesters with harvest levels set, in part, by their research findings.

Recirculating Aquaculture Research and Extension: A Statewide Commitment to a Sustainable Future 17

Virginia Sea Grant researchers across the Commonwealth are working to meet the ever-increasing demand for seafood through recirculating aquaculture, a fish production method that minimalizes environmental impacts. Angela Correa introduces research facilities across the state and the species currently being cultured.

News From The Point 20

The latest news and events from Virginia Sea Grant.

Publication Date

Fall 10-1-2006


Aquaculture and Fisheries

Marine Resource Bulletin Vol. 38, No. 1