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Working Waterways and Waterfronts 2007 2

Conference announcement from Virginia Sea Grant.

A Tale of Three Cities 3

Waterfront access is an issue that affects waterfront users, both large and small. This article highlights struggles three of the nation's largest commercial fishing communities- Gloucester, Massachusetts, Fulton's Fish Market in New York and Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco - have faced in recent years. Each story provides insight in coping with diminishing waterfront access that may be applied to our own local communities.

Coastal Culture and its Change of Character 7

New development along the Eastern Shore threatens the traditional industries, culture and natural resources of the region that maritime communities depend on for survival. Charlie Petrocci examines several Shore towns struggling to manage population growth.

Hampton Crabtown 12

The city of Hampton once supported a booming commercial fishing industry, earning it the nickname "Crabtown." Erin Seiling delves into the town's history, highlighting the businesses that built historic Crabtown and the new industries that support the city today.

Newport News Seafood Industrial Park: A Valuable Resource 17

The small boat harbor in Newport News is one of the only major commercial fishing ports left in Hampton Roads. Established in the 1970s to protect commercial fisheries, the port is consistently ranked among tl1 e top ports in the nation by NOAA in terms of the value of seafood landed and serves as a successful example of preserving waterfront access.

Virginia Sea Grant Technical Assistance - Water Access 19

Virginia Sea Grant has provided a leadership role in numerous water access projects, several of which have received national commendation. Tom Murray details Virginia Sea Grant's successful record of dealing with water access issues in the Commonweath and across the Mid-Atlantic region.

News From The Point 22

The latest News and Events from Virginia Sea Grant.

Publication Date

Spring 3-1-2007


Aquaculture and Fisheries

Marine Resource Bulletin Vol. 39, No. 1