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Forecasting the Rising Tide 2

Coastal Virginia is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to sea-level rise. With help from Sea Grant, VIMS researchers are helping Virginia communities predict and prepare for the increasingly frequent floods that climate change and rising seas will bring.

Trabajadores 6

The new workforce in seafood processing is a growing population of seasonal migrant workers—almost all of them hispanic. Sea Grant is helping these workers and the foods they process stay safe by providing specialized on-the-job training in Spanish.

Sowing the Seeds 10

A technique called spat-on-shell is promising to take Virginia’s burgeoning oyster aquaculture industry to the next level. A unique combination of public and private partners have come together to make this promise a reality.

News from the Point 14

The latest news from Virginia Sea Grant, including an interview with Virginia’s Knauss Fellows about their year in Washington D.C., Blue Crab Bowl, Hampton boat tax study, and recent grants awarded by Sea Grant and the Virginia Fisheries Resource Grant Program.

Publication Date

Spring 3-1-2009


Aquaculture and Fisheries

Marine Resource Bulletin Vol. 41, No. 1