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Scientists in the Classroom 2

The PERFECT Program is taking marine science graduate smdents out of their labs and into K-12 classrooms. Last year, nine VIMS smdents taught in local schools and developed their science communication skills in the process. This fall, a new cohort of scientists-in-training is poised to enter the program.

Spadefish Aquaculture 8

VIMS and Virginia Sea Grant researchers have reared this popular sportfish through the entire life cycle in captivity, opening the way to farming the species for food, for the aquarium trade, or for stock enhancement.

Planning Underwater I0

More and more communities in Virginia and across the nation are using marine spatial planning to resolve conflicts over ocean and coastal resources and ensure that they are used sustainably.

News from the Point 14

The latest news from Virginia Sea Grant, including our most recent·fellows and interns, new publications and websites, and Jon Lucy's retirement. We'll miss you, Jon!

Publication Date

Summer 7-1-2010


Aquaculture and Fisheries

Marine Resource Bulletin Vol. 42, No. 2