Editor-in-Chief: Jamon H. Flowers
Managing Editor: Jane Core Yatzeck
Production Editor: Daria Lorio-Barsten
Associate Editor: Samantha Nussbaum
Lead Reviewers: Alana Davis
Nancy Chae
Megan Hallam
Alexis Michalos
Sarah Nuss
Leila Warraich
Copy Editors: Chandra Floyd
Sarah Hylton

The William & Mary Educational Review is a peer-reviewed, online scholarly journal of research and opinion across multiple sub-disciplines of education. All graduate student researchers and practitioners are welcomed and encouraged to submit pieces that help advance understandings of topics relevant to education. Since its founding in 2012, The William & Mary Educational Review has become an internationally read journal in education, with circulation to policymakers, researchers, administrators, and practitioners in over 15 countries worldwide. Each year, the journal covers a wide range of topics of current concern in education and publishes on an annual or bi-annual basis (dependent upon submission numbers and journal membership).

If you have any questions regarding this publication, please contact the Editors at wmedreview@email.wm.edu.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2018)