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September 2006



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Started in 2002, the Fraternal Futures initiative offers students, staff, faculty, and general community members a new way to think about change in fraternities and sororities. The project models the National Issues Forum (NIF) deliberations, a process where participants are encouraged to engage in a different way of framing complex issues. Fraternal Futures deliberations offer participants a chance to discuss change strategies from various lenses, recognizing that a typical debate style of conversation often leaves many participants unhappy and does not address the intricacies that go along with tough decisions. With over 1,100 student participants at ten different colleges/universities, results from Fraternal Futures indicate that if serious change is to occur in fraternal life, it must begin by engaging students in authentic, meaningful conversations. Further results denote that students are not only willing to have these conversations, but many students become more informed, committed, and reflective in their actions as a outcome of their participation in the program.