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Swinburne Centenary Conference, London

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Excerpt from the article: "My own contribution today to the development of Swinburne’s reputation will be slight, in large part because I’ll be talking about Swinburne’s life and letters—his recognition will have to be based on the just appreciation of his work, which is a job for the critics among you. But when Catherine Maxwell invited me to speak, she more or less gave me my marching orders in saying that the audience today would like to hear from me about “some aspect of your Correspondence project – maybe significant new perspectives/material on ACS that emerged during your researches.” That seemed to me to be a good topic, so what I’d like to do today is look back briefly at the history and the editors of Swinburne’s letters, and their contributions towards the biography of Swinburne that has developed in the last 90 years..."