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Physics Letters B

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The spin-structure functions g1 and g2, and the spin-dependent partial cross-section σTT have been extracted from the polarized cross-sections differences, σ| ν, Q 2 and σ⊥ ν, Q 2 measured for the 3 > He(e>, e' )X reaction, in the E97-110 experiment at Jefferson Lab. Polarized electrons with energies from 1.147 to 4.404 GeV were scattered at angles of 6◦ and 9◦ from a longitudinally or transversely polarized 3He target. The data cover the kinematic regions of the quasi-elastic, resonance production and beyond. From the extracted spin-structure functions, the first moments 1 (Q2) , 2 (Q2) and ITT Q 2 are evaluated with high precision for the neutron in the Q 2 range from 0.035 to 0.24 GeV2. The comparison of the data and the chiral effective field theory predictions reveals the importance of proper treatment of the degree of freedom for spin observables.


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