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Computer Science

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2014 Proceedings Ieee Infocom

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The increasing availability of inexpensive off-the-shelf 802.11 hardware has made it possible to deploy access points (APs) densely to ensure the coverage of complex enterprise environments such as business and college campuses. However, dense AP deployment often leads to increased level of wireless contention, resulting in low system throughput. A promising approach to address this issue is to enable the transmission concurrency of exposed terminals in which two senders lie in the range of one another but do not interfere each other's receiver. However, existing solutions ignore the rate diversity of 802.11 and hence cannot fully exploit concurrent transmission opportunities in a WLAN. In this paper, we present TRACK - Transmission Rate Adaptation for Colliding linKs, a novel protocol for harnessing exposed terminals with a rate adaptation approach in enterprise WLANs. Using measurement-based channel models, TRACK can optimize the bit rates of concurrent links to improve system throughput while maintaining link fairness. Our extensive experiments on a testbed of 17 nodes show that TRACK improves system throughput by up to 67% and 35% over 802.11 CSMA and conventional approaches of harnessing exposed terminals.