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Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film

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"Pace Wildenstein’s exhibition Picasso, Braque and Early Film in Cubism ran from 20 April to 23 June 2007 in New York. Those lucky enough to have seen it will surely recall a nice selection of well-known works and less widely published works, including pictures from private collections and from major museums in the United States and abroad. I expect the show itself would have ranked as a proud achievement for most museums. In addition to the fi ne selection of works on view, though, the gallery included specimens of early cinematographic equipment, which, while they may well be familiar to the historian of early film, helped introduce the exhibition’s premise to the art historian whose training is more strictly confined to painting. A screen near the entrance to the exhibition showed video from a vintage, hand-coloured film of the type of dancing made famous by Loïe Fuller; a room adjacent to a gallery of paintings showed examples of the early films that Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and their circle saw in the same years they developed cubism. I found the show not only a valuable opportunity to see a remarkable selection of paintings but also a welcome chance to learn about cinema and film technology at first hand, so to speak..."