Laura Burtle, Managing Editor, Georgia State University

Associate Dean, University Library

Subrata Acharya, Towson University

Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

Chris Arndt, James Madison University

Professor, Department of History; Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Al Baumstark, Georgia State University

Dr. Baumstark served as Series editor for Advances in Oxygenated Processes (1988-96), JAI Press Inc., Greenwich CT, and is currently on the editorial board for Heterocyclic Communications (2003-present) and Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal (2011-present). According to Dr. Baumstark, "My research interests center on the chemistry of oxygen-containing compounds with an emphasis on that of organic peroxides. We have focused on the mechanisms of oxygen-atom transfer reactions of unusual hydroperoxides and peroxides, under mild conditions. We have developed 17O NMR spectroscopic methods for the investigation of structures of organic oxygen-containing compounds. We have extensively investigated chemiexcitation during the thermolysis of novel 1,2-dioxetanes of 4-membered cyclic peroxides. Our efforts have led to major breakthroughs in understanding the control of reactivity and selectivity in oxygen-containing systems."

Kathy Browder, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Professor and Associate Dean, College of Health and Applied Human Sciences

Katherine Bruce, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Director, Honors Program/Professor of Psychology

Florian Enescu, Georgia State University

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Enescu has extensive experience with undergraduate research at GSU. Among the relevant qualifications, he initiated and organized for the past 6 years the RIMMES (Undergraduate Research Initiations for Math, Math Education and Statistics) Program in the Department of Math and Stat at GSU, he mentored students in undergraduate research, and acted as a judge for the Undergraduate Research Conference at GSU for the past three editions.

Pamela Evers, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Attorney & Associate Professor

Kathy Fox, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Associate Professor, Elementary, Middle and Literacy Education

Michael J. Galgano, James Madison University

Chair, Department of History

Jessica Kegel, Towson University

PhD Student, Experimental Psychology

Karla Kubitz, Towson University

Karla Kubitz is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Towson University. She has a Ph.D. in Exercise Science from Arizona State University and a Masters degree in Human Development from the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Kubitz is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and she has published in the area of sport and exercise psychology, including studies on the electrophysiology of peak performance and on the effects of exercise on brainwave activity and sleep.

Travis Linneman, Old Dominion University

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Carl Olson, Towson University

Olson is a reference librarian at Towson University, with twenty years experience as a librarian. He is currently the liaison to the department of philosophy and religious studies, the department of physics, astronomy and geosciences, the department of geography and environmental planning, and the coordinator of federal government publications. He has a degree in history from Cornell University, and a master’s in library science from University of Maryland at College Park.

Jack D. Shepard, Towson University

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences