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Research highlights in technology and teacher education 2019


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


Chesapeake, VA


Research highlights in technology and teacher education


Which topics were addressed, and in what sequence(s) did they appear, in experienced K-12 teachers’ instructional plans that incorporate students’ educational technology use? Eight volunteer classroom teachers with expertise in a broad variety of curricula and instructional levels participated in a university-sponsored professional learning program that helped them to explore ways to plan technology-enhanced, curriculum standards-specific lessons, units, and projects. Data were generated through individual participants’ think-aloud and group reflection audio recordings, plus follow-up interviews with two participants that occurred after the planned units were taught. Many individual differences in planning topics and sequences were noted when the data were analyzed. Overall, the teachers’ TPCK/TPACK-based pedagogical reasoning first emphasized curriculum content, then knowledge of students and/or learning activities. Technological considerations were voiced far less often than those regarding content, students, and learning activities, but did increase when participants used planning aids that matched recommended educational technologies to specific types of learning activities.

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Topics and Sequences in Experienced Teachers’ Instructional Planning: Addressing a ~30-Year Literature Gap

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