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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2016


Teaching for students’ deep learning, while rooted in venerable 20th-century educational research and theory contributed by Vygotsky, Dewey, and others, is taking on a new urgency as heretofore theoretical depictions of 21st-century learning are being operationalized in K-12 classrooms. What is the nature of deep learning? What are the pedagogical roles and practices that encourage it? How can we help teachers to plan learning experiences for and with their students that encourage and support deep learning, incorporating the use of digital tools and resources in maximally effective ways? This chapter uses extant literature on deep learning, teaching for deep learning, and recent calls for teachers’ enhanced “pedagogical capacities” (Fullan & Langworthy, 2014) to argue for a reconceptualized use of TPACK-based learning activity types in educational planning for students’ deep learning.