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Spring 2017

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Leslie W Grant

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Patrick R Mullen

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Christopher R Gareis


This mixed-methods program evaluation focused on the short-term outcomes of a non-traditional program for high school students. The program evaluated, the Non-Traditional Program, is designed to provide an option for students who are not successful in the traditional setting. The program provides two teacher faciliators, a part-time school counselor, and a part-time security position . Students attend the program for a half-day and take courses via online instruction with the goal being on track to graduate. Participants in this evaluation were the program staff who participated in a focus group interview and six students who were interviewed individually. Extant documents provided evidence of credits earned, Standards of Learning (SOL) tests passed, and evidence of meeting program goals. Overall, the findings showed that the program is meeting its short-term outcomes with success. The students earned credits toward graduation at a rate of 64%, passing SOLs at a rate of 65%, and met program goals at a rate of 67%. Students who attended the program for medical reasons showed higher results than students who attended for attendance or disciplinary reasons; however, when tested for a relationship between the variables, there was no statistical significance. Students in the program reported that the individualized online learning is beneficial as is the smaller environment in which they are able to work without distractions. Staff reported that students are successful to a degree but would benefit from an orientation in organizational skills to help them manage their time more efficiently online. Recommendations for future evaluation include tracking long-term outcomes of the program, tracking the success of students who transition out of the program, and further evaluating the different categories of students and their performance.



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