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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Fred L. Adair


The purpose of this study was to investigate the sex-trait stereotype church lay people had of women clergy. Two groups of lay people were studied, those who had and had not had a woman clergy as either pastor or assistant pastor of a church to which they belonged. Data was also obtained from women clergy.;Gough's Adjective Check List was used to determine a stereotype that the above described lay people had of women clergy. The goal was to determine if there were differences between lay men and women in the way they described women clergy and if there were differences between lay people who had and had not experienced a clergy woman.;An additional comparison was made between each of the lay groups and the women clergy. It was found that both groups of lay people did describe women clergy differently from the way in which the women clergy described themselves.;Further study is needed to evaluate this data using a nonparametric method. It is also necessary to examine data from male clergy, to determine if these results are unique to women clergy.



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