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The purpose of this study was to identify how closely evaluations of professional development programs provided at the district level in public school districts in Virginia are congruent with the National Staff Development Council Standards for Evaluation. The author also sought to identify the types of professional development programs offered at the district level in Virginia public schools.;Professional Development directors or supervisors in all Virginia public schools were asked to complete an online survey that would describe the types of professional development programs offered and how they evaluated those programs.;Fifty-three districts responded to the survey. Most of the responding districts described professional development programs that were content and strategy based and lasted up to one full day. In addition, most districts reported completing an initial survey evaluating initial reaction to the program. However, less than 20% of the responding districts reported completing follow-up evaluations that assessed whether teachers had acquired new knowledge or content, whether teachers were applying new knowledge or content in their instruction, what impact the training had on student achievement or district climate. Further study is needed to determine how districts are using evaluations, and how evaluations are determining impact of training on student achievement.



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