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This study analyzed the impact the Upward Bound program at Virginia Union University had on students' freshman year performance. The population selected for the study were those students who participated in Virginia Union University's Upward Bound program during the academic years 1984-85 through 1993-94 and entered Virginia Union University after completing the program.;The Upward Bound participants were compared to a comparable control group of non-Upward Bound students. The two groups were measured on the following variables: need for remedial math, need for remedial English, placement on academic probation, drop-out rate, average freshman GPA, average (for credit) math grade, and average (for credit) English grade.;The findings were mixed. Upward Bound had a statistically significant positive effect on students' English (for credit) performance. Conversely, a statistically significant negative effect was found regarding Upward Bound's effect on participants need for remedial math and freshman (for credit) math performance. The findings on the variables remedial English, academic probation, drop-out rates, and freshman GPA were not statistically significant.



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