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Problem. The purpose of this study was to conduct a survey of each school division in Virginia to determine the status of staff development programs for educational administrators and supervisors.;Design of the Study. The sample population for the study consisted of 134 school divisions in Virginia. The respondents were the superintendents of schools or persons designated as key instructional leaders. A 24-item questionnaire was sent to each school division in the state. The questionnaire was structured so that demographic data, program planning and management data, program scope and sequence data, and program implementation data could be obtained. A response of 91% was received.;Findings. Sixty-five percent of the respondents provide a program of staff development for school officials. Significant data were obtained in the following areas: (a) the delivery system for staff development; (b) level of participation in these programs; (c) colleges and universities involved in local programs; (d) types and topics of programs; (e) expenditures for staff development programs; (f) evaluation of programs and plans for changes.;Observations and Implications. Based on the review of the literature and the findings of the study, the following observations were made: A program of staff development for public school officials might be one method of enabling these officials to design appropriate responses to the challenges of a changing society. A program of staff development might be more holistic if objectives for these programs are based upon the results of a needs assessment reflecting input of school officials, teachers, parents, students, college and university personnel, and a diverse representation of lay public. A two-way system of communication between local school divisions and nearby institutions of higher education might be a means of improving staff development programs for practicing school officials as well as the pre-service training of persons enrolled in programs leading to endorsement in educational administration and supervision. The quality of an educational system might be improved if staff development programs for school officials placed greater emphasis on skills in administrative procedures. Implications for future research were included.



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