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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Sally A. Franek


Calls for a more prescriptive, individually tailored approach to counselor training have recently appeared in the literature. The focus of this study was the assessment of behavior and personality characteristics of master's level counseling students and to determine if change occurred among these characteristics as a result of counselor training and supervision or to the gender of the student.;Behavior was assessed using the Hutchins Behavior Inventory which measures the thinking, feeling and acting domains of behavior. Personality characteristics were measured using the Adjective Checklist and the California Personality Inventory. Data from eighty-five students were used.;Discriminant analysis was used to determine if personality characteristics discriminated the behavior groups. Additionally, repeated measures multivariate analysis of variance and the univariate analysis of variance component of the discriminant analyses were used to determine if change occurred.;Students differed across the behavior groups. Further, selected personality variables discriminated the behavior groups. When the discriminant function was used 85.88% of the students were classified correctly. Additionally, change was observed across training and supervision. The gender of the student was not significant in this analysis. The interventions of counselor training and supervision appeared to cause the change.



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