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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Brenda T. Williams


The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation status of School-wide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS) in selected elementary and middle schools (N = 123) situated within three regions of Virginia. Additionally this study sought to identify and determine the relative impact of specific facilitators and barriers to successful implementation. Finally, this study identified the types of professional development opportunities related to SWPBS available to school personnel. In order to answer each overarching research question, participants were asked to complete the School-wide Positive Behavior Support Systems Implementation Survey, a validated instrument, adapted from the Delaware PBS Implementation Self Assessment. Findings indicate above average levels of implementation on 35 of 36 specific features of SWPBS. Additional findings reveal significant levels of impact related to specific facilitators and barriers on identified critical feature categories of SWPBS. Finally, with regard to professional development, results indicate that a majority of schools offer more than one type of professional development opportunity to school personnel and that most schools use new teacher orientation programs to provide in-service for SWPBS.



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