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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




James H. Stronge


The purpose of this study was to investigate current evaluation practices in Virginia and to assess the impact of public school evaluation upon teachers of music. Traditional methods for the evaluation of teachers appear to have limited applicability for the majority of elementary and secondary school educators engaged in the field of performing arts, due primarily to the specialized nature of their respective teaching disciplines. Educational administrators charged with the responsibility for evaluating personnel confront an additional challenge when compelled to apply general models that are not suited to the highly complex world of performing arts instruction. Music teachers and school divisions in Virginia served as sources of data for this descriptive study.;In order for educators to make informed evaluation decisions, comprehensive information about the contributions of music and other fine and performing arts personnel will need to be considered. New evaluation models emerging in recent years may hold the key for a more inclusive view of teaching performance in the arts. This study explored the use of current evaluation models in the context of music education and addressed the need for more reliable approaches to the evaluation of music teachers.



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