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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




R. Hanny


The purpose of this study was to determine what factors contribute to and what factors inhibit the integration of computer technology in classroom instruction in the middle school setting at selected schools in a central Virginia public school system. Information derived from this study may be used to assist in the planning and decision making process by central office and building level administrators.;The population for this study included teachers from three middle schools in a central Virginia public school system. This school system has demonstrated through the Virginia Standards of Learning test scores, an even distribution of results regardless of demographics. A pilot study was conducted in the same school system. Participants completed a questionnaire, and a sample of participants was interviewed. The results were coded and chunked for the purpose of establishing an emerging theme or themes.;There has been a wealth of quantitative data with regard to student to computer ratio and computer to classroom ratio over the last several years. However, there is scant data from a qualitative perspective that may allow for in-depth answers to questions regarding the factors that come into play as to the reasons for the use or non-use of available technology.;Findings indicate that respondents appear to use computer technology for a range of personal reasons, yet are reluctant to use and integrate that technology into classroom instruction. In addition, thematic analysis revealed that time, access, and support appear to be major factors that inhibit the use and integration of computer technology in classroom instruction.



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