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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Roger G. Baldwin


The purpose of this study was to determine what factors facilitate and what factors inhibit computer use in the Student Affairs Divisions of James Madison University (JMU), Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), and Mary Washington College (MWC).;The population for this study was student affairs officials and related personnel deliberately selected from three Virginia public institutions.;The following conclusions were drawn from the findings of this study. (1) MWC is in the beginning stages of automation, JMU is moving in the direction of state-of-art technology while VPI's current status has reached the level regarded as state-of-art. (2) The status of CBISs at MWC, JMU, and VPI is affected by the time period in which automation occurred. (3) Student affairs' users at MWC, JMU, and VPI perceive CBISs positively. (4) Respondents believe using CBISs on the job simplifies tasks, helps monitor data flow, increases efficiency, makes output professional, makes data timely and accurate, improves the communication process, and does not significantly affect changes in policy. (5) No significant organizational changes have occurred at MWC or JMU while several organizational changes were identified at VPI. (6) The institution's mission and size influence the direction institutions take in regard to computer technology. (7) Respondents were satisfied with the microcomputer support and training received. (8) All users mentioned mainframe computer support was slow and uneven and many outside influences seem to impact the quality of this service. (9) It is clear that at JMU and VPI the integrator's role positively affects the use of computers. (10) The role, professional background, and personal characteristics of integrators were indentified and summarized. (11) Institutions of higher education should identify the integrators on their campuses and promote and support their role. (12) Top leadership commitment plays a crucial factor in facilitating computer use. (13) The lack of long range plans for the improved use of computers do not significantly affect the use of CBISs at MWC, JMU, or VPI.;Since very little research has been conducted on Student Affairs Divisions' use of CBISs, future research should focus on how data collected on students improve the effective operation of student affairs offices.



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