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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




William Losito


The purposes of this study were to present a historical interpretation and explanation of the middle school innovation and to examine the characteristics of model middle schools. In light of the available body of knowledge is the middle school a reasonable innovation to sustain and implement? A subsidiary purpose was to determine if there were any consensually agreed upon characteristics. The main research question is:;A comprehensive review of the literature was completed to provide the history of middle level education. Beginning with an explanation of the work of the Committee of Ten in 1893, the study provided a report on the current status of the middle school movement and established the rationality and reasonableness of the program in meeting the intent established by the Committee of Ten. The educational, social, and political issues that affected the development of the middle school movement were also examined.;The second part of the study included an examination of the literature on middle level education for the past quarter of a century to determine the essential characteristics of good middle schools. The rationale for implementing teacher training, flexible scheduling, and a core and exploratory curriculum was also examined as they relate to the middle school program.;It was concluded that the middle school is a reasonable innovation to sustain and implement in light of the available body of knowledge. The middle school itself is now being presented as a distinct unit in the educational system that provides a transitional program between the elementary school and high school. The literature and research of middle level education also indicated that highly successful middle schools have very similar programs.;Further study is needed to determine what types of teaming arrangements are most appropriate for the various middle grades, the strengths and weaknesses of various middle school daily schedules, and the effects of the interdisciplinary approach used in the middle school.



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