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The purpose of this study was to explore the possibilties of subtyping inpatient alcohol abusers using three personality constructs: locus of control (LOC), state dependence-state independence (SD-SI), and perceptual expectancy style (PES). PES is formed by an interaction of LOC (measured by I-E) and SD-SI (measured by GEFT); congruent (I-SI and E-SD) and incongruent (E-SI and I-SD) styles result.;A population of male, active-duty military personnel was sampled. Ss evaluated their own level of adjustment using SAS-SR and, when possible, were evaluated by a significant other using KAS-R(,1-3).;It was hypothesized that the independent measures would define subtypes which would be reflected in adjustment ratings. Such a finding could then have been used as a basis for studies of patient-to-treatment match.;Results indicate that LOC was related to self-rated adjustment, but are inconclusive in terms of adjustment as rated by another. SD-SI subtypes were found to be related to adjustment as rated by another, but results were inconclusive with regard to self-ratings of adjustment. Results for the PES subtypes were inconclusive with regard to adjustment evaluated either by self or others.;Clinical implications of the results were discussed and further research into subtyping of alcohol abusers on the basis of LOC, SD-SI, and PES was recommended.



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