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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)




Megan Tschannen-Moran

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Marguerite Mason


The purpose of this mixed-design study was to determine if mathematics teachers experienced changes in their self-efficacy and beliefs about their ability to teach students with disabilities in an inclusive setting. The intervention for this study was a 14-month professional development program that consisted of content and methods courses taught during two-week intervals during the summer on the campus of The College of William and Mary followed by specific professional development activities provided by a team of math specialists/facilitators with expertise in mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment as well as special education services including inclusive education models. Teachers participating in the study completed a survey, Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Settings, and participated in focus groups.;Findings indicated that teachers participating in both content/methods courses and school-based professional development activities significantly increased in their self-efficacy with regard to teaching mathematics to students with disabilities in inclusive settings. Components of the professional development program rated as being most valuable as well as changing teaching practices were coaching from a mathematics specialist; discussions and dialogues with a mathematics specialist, and lesson study. School-based professional development designed to support teachers as they integrate research-based instructional strategies may significantly increase their self-efficacy leading to more effective instruction for diverse student populations.



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