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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a structured Adlerian-based group education program (PREP) on the self concept, locus of control, and family relationships of alternative high school students, with and without parent participation in a parent education group.;The sample consisted of students at Point Option Project, an alternative high school in Newport News, Virginia, who requested to take the PREP course for elective credit (n = 34). Students were assigned randomly to two treatment and one control group, with students whose parents were participating in the STEP-TEEN parent education program becoming PREP Group 1 and those students whose parents were not becoming PREP Group 2. Both treatment groups received identical information taught by the same instructor. The control group followed a regular class schedule. All classes met three times a week for approximately 50 minute periods. The Tennessee Self Concept Scale, the Nowicki-Strickland Locus of Control Scale for Children, and the Family Environment Scale were administered to all students as pretest-posttest measures. An analysis of covariance was conducted on the difference in pretest and posttest scores using the pretest score as the covariate.;The major findings of this study were: (1) Students in both treatment groups did not significantly (p < .05) improve their Total Positive score on the Tennessee Self Concept Scale. (2) No significant differences (p < .05) were found between the experimental and control groups on movement toward internality. (3) No significant differences (p < .05) were found in perceptions of family environment as a result of participation in the PREP program.



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