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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)




We measured the d(e,e$\sp\prime$n)p cross-section at three values of $Q\sp2$: 0.255, 0.176 and 0.109 (GeV/c)$\sp2$. The electrons were detected with the OHIPS magnetic spectrometer, and the neutrons were detected in a liquid mineral oil scintillator array. The measurement were made at a fixed neutron angle of $\theta\sb{n}$ = 57$\sp\circ$; the $Q\sp2$ values were obtained by varying the incident electron energy and the scattering angle. These cross sections are sensitive primarily to the neutron magnetic form factor at these quasifree kinematics. The efficiency of the neutron detector was determined by the associated particle technique with the d($\gamma$,pn) reaction for each of the three neutron kinetic energies. The value of $G\sbsp{M}{n}$ extracted from the cross sections are consistent with the dipole parametrization at the two higher momentum transfers; at the lowest momentum transfer the value of $G\sbsp{M}{n}$ is 10% higher than the dipole model. This enhancement at low momentum transfer is consistent with previous measurements.



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