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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)




John Michael Finn


We measured of the recoil momentum dependence of the d(e,e$\sp\prime$n)p cross section at a central $\vec q$ of 335 MeV/c. These measurements were part of experiment 85-05 at the Bates Linear Accelerator Center which also measured the electric and magnetic form factors of the neutron, G$\sbsp{\rm E}{n}$ and G$\sbsp{\rm M}{n}$. The experiment was run with a 444 MeV electron beam incident on a 5 cm target of liquid deuterium. Outgoing electrons of different momenta were selected by changing the dipole field of the electron spectrometer OHIPS which was at a fixed angle of 47$\sp\circ$. Neutrons were measured using an 1 x 4 array of mineral oil scintillators at an angle of $-$57$\sp\circ$. The recoil momentum transfer covered a range of $-$43 to 165 MeV/C in six overlapping points. The kinematics were such that extensive radiative corrections were needed and techniques for performing these corrections are described. The shape of the cross section as a function of recoil momentum was compared to and found to be in good agreement with a nonrelativistic calculation which included final-state-interactions.



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