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Leslie Grant


The purpose of this two phase policy alignment analysis is to evaluate the degree to which the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Dependent Children has been aligned in the Virginia Compact statute and the degree to which three school divisions heavily populated by military dependent students have aligned local school policy to the statute. The Interstate Compact was intended to mitigate the transitional challenges military dependent students experienced as they navigated a patchwork of local policies through the establishment of aligned state statute in all states to add a layer of uniform policy in each school system. School personnel rely on local school policy to provide uniform guidance for student records and enrollment, placement and attendance, eligibility, and graduation. This qualitative approach used document analysis to first compare the content of the Interstate Compact to the Virginia statute, then second, analyzed local school division policy documents using priori codes derived from the Virginia statute to determine the degree of alignment to the Virginia statute. The findings reveal a loose coupling of state statute to local policy impacting military dependent students. The Compact was developed collaboratively at the national level, however gaps in policy alignment at the local level may continue to hinder school personnel from providing uniform guidance according the data from this policy analysis.



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