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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Fred L. Adair


The purpose of this study was to investigate how men, 18 years or older, who had been admitted to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization differed as to their level of aggression, locus of control, and the degree of androgyny at admission and at discharge. The sample consisted of 61 males. The males were evaluated with a demographic questionnaire, the Adjective Check List, the Internal Control Index, and the Bem Sex-Role Inventory within 24 hours of admission and again at discharge. The research indicated that there were no statistically significant differences in these sensitive male qualities. The data indicated a possibility that androgyny could be a catalyst in reducing the level of aggression and developing a more internal locus of control. The research also indicated a positive correlation between age and a more internal locus of control, but the correlation only accounted for 22% of the variance. There was no correlation found between the subjects' relationships to the father figure and the three male qualities.



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