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Eugene A Roche

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Stephanie Blackmon

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Leslie Grant


Through discussion with the membership, Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association identified an issue at gameday environments. The fans, especially parents, were causing fan issues at athletic events. This program evaluation focuses on Gameday the DIII Way training program. Gameday the DIII Way is a program where the NCAA and the Disney Institute partnered to create a training for the DIII membership that focuses on dealing with poor fan behavior. This program evaluation is grounded in a pragmatic paradigm. For this program evaluation, an online survey was sent to a sample population of the participants. The research focused on how administrators, administrators/coaches, coaches, and others in the athletic department perceive the quality of the training, whether participants learned skills to handle fan behavior issues, and explored whether the training encourages participants to help create a policy at their home institution. The results indicated that the quality of the training is good, some skills were learned and there are policies in place at institutions consequently. Recommendations include that the NCAA needs to do more in-depth research on the role of coaches and others at a gameday event and on how policies are working at institutions. Additionally, the training should better distinguish the roles of coaches and others during an issue with fans. Training needs to provide more information about conflict resolution and handling crowd behavior. Finally, the NCAA needs to change how they distribute the survey, to enhance the validity of research.



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