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Summer 2021

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Margaret E Constantino

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Michael DiPaola

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James Stronge


This program evaluation assessed fidelity of implementation and teacher perceptions of School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) in two elementary schools in Virginia. SWPBIS is a prevention framework that seeks to proactively address behavior in schools through proactive systems and practices. SWPBIS is founded on prevention science and research that compels schools to address student behavior in order to avoid future social problems. The fidelity of implementation of this program was assessed through quantitative and qualitative measures, seeking to answer evaluation questions related to the extent that the core features of SWPBIS related to leadership, practices, and use of data were present. Teacher perceptions of the program were also assessed through survey methods. Teacher perceptions specific to organizational health related to student behavior and implementation integrity were evaluated to determine how the program was viewed by primary stakeholder responsible for engaging in program activities. The data revealed program facilitators and barriers related to implementation, as well as overall positive teacher perceptions of behavior and discipline. Team representation, structure, and procedures, teacher leadership of the program, fidelity of universal practices, and use of fidelity data were all determined to be program facilitators and recommended to continue in practice. Lack of family and community representation, use of behavioral data, formalization of processes, and the need for training for teachers to address behavior beyond preventative measures were determined to be program areas of improvement.



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