Date Awarded

Summer 2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Margaret E Constantino

Committee Member

James Stronge

Committee Member

Michael DiPaola


Most students with disabilities in public schools are served in inclusive environments by teams of special and general education teachers working together to support their access to the curriculum and their disability related needs. This program evaluation sought to understand the knowledge, skills, and efficacy of a group of co-teachers following their participation in an in-service secondary co-teaching professional development program which focused on effective use of the station teaching, parallel teaching, and alternative teaching models to deliver specially designed instruction in co-taught classrooms. The program evaluation was based on Stufflebeam’s CIPP model of program evaluation and used a mixed-methods approach to gain insights into the perceptions of the teachers who participated in the program, along with the experts who designed and delivered the program, on both the immediate intended outcomes and the stakeholders’ perceptions of the program elements themselves and their need for future professional development. Findings from the program evaluation support that although teachers felt generally knowledgeable and grew in their intentionality and documentation practices, this knowledge did not always extend to classroom application. Additionally, the findings regarding the program elements reiterated the research surrounding effective professional development practices; specifically related to the importance of collaboration, modeling, and observation, feedback, and reflection cycles to support adult learners’ professional growth. Relevant findings should support the District in growing and strengthening future iterations of the program. Findings supported changes in both local practices and had implications for greater policy changes in education as well.




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