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During the summer of 2003, Dr. Michael Blakey, director of the Institute for Historical Biology, was contacted by the archaeologists at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation notifying him that they had located human remains at the intersection of Jamestown, Richmond and Boundary Roads. The remains were excavated by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation archaeologists and taken to their conservation lab until further notice. On 22 November 2003, Shannon Mahoney, a graduate research associate at the Institute for Historical Biology, contacted Andrew Edwards and Emily Williams of Colonial Williamsburg regarding the remains on Block 23 of the Colonial Williamsburg historic area.

On 12 January 2004, Blakey and Mahoney visited the conservation lab where Emily Williams described the recovery of the remains and the field methodology. During excavation at the site, Lucie Vinciguerra had removed the remains and wrapped them in foil and the foil packets were placed in a refrigerator to inhibit any further deterioration. Emily Williams cleaned the remains and mended a few of the elements with B-72, which were then placed in plastic bags and labeled with their original foil packet number.

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