Meaningful Assessment in the Music Classroom: collaborating with faculty on effective library instruction

Kathleen DeLaurenti, College of William and Mary
Erin Conor, Reed College


Assessment is often viewed as an instructional add-on, used to demonstrate value to others. In this session, we will offer suggestions for rethinking assessment and discuss ideas and strategies for meaningful assessment that can be applied in many instructional scenarios. We will introduce attendees to various assessment methods, from in class-assignments that can be completed during a one-shot to authentic assessment that relies on strategic collaboration between librarians and faculty. Two case studies demonstrating strategies for using assessment to connect with students and faculty will be shared. One case will address a typical one-shot library instruction scenario, in this instance for an undergraduate ethnomusicology course. Our second case study will introduce authentic assessment, a method of designing activities and assessments that happen in open environments and interact with external stakeholders.