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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Reports in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE) No. 243 v.2


  • Section 1: The Baylor bottoms in the James River
  • Section 2: The Baylor bottoms in Pocomoke and Tangier Sounds, Pungoteague, Occohannock and Nassawadox Creeks
  • Section 3: The Baylor grounds of the Potomac River tributaries in Virginia (Nomini and lower Machodoc creeks and the Coan and Yeocomico Rivers)
  • Section 4: The Baylor bottoms on the seaside of the Eastern Shore
  • Appendix: Charts of Baylor grounds



Oyster Fisheries, Marine Resources, Virginia


This study was funded as a matching fund grant with funds provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service through the Virginia Marine ·Resources Commission (Contract No. 3-265-R-3).

Baylor_James.pdf (1353 kB)
James River

Baylor_TangierSound_01.jpg (20693 kB)
Tangier Sound 1

Baylor_TangierSound_02.jpg (18578 kB)
Tangier Sound 2

Baylor_Pokomoke_03.jpg (15068 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_Pokomoke_04.jpg (20110 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_Pokomoke_05.jpg (15316 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_Pokomoke_06.jpg (18322 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_Pokomoke_07.jpg (17014 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_Pokomoke_08.jpg (14496 kB)
Pokomoke Sound

Baylor_PungoteagueCreek_09.jpg (5759 kB)
Pungoteague Creek

Baylor_Occahannock_10.jpg (4495 kB)
Occahannock Creek

Baylor_Nassawadox_11.jpg (4443 kB)
Nassawadox Creek

Baylor_Potomac_River_Tributaries_001.Jpeg (4053 kB)
Nomini Bay & Currioman Bay

Baylor_Potomac_River_Tributaries_002.Jpeg (2087 kB)
Mahodoc Creek

Baylor_Potomac_River_Tributaries_003.Jpeg (2654 kB)
Yeocomico River

Baylor_Potomac_River_Tributaries_004.Jpeg (2201 kB)
Coan River

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_001.jpg (3286 kB)
Eastern Seaside 1

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_002.jpg (3409 kB)
Eastern Seaside 2

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_003.jpg (3572 kB)
Eastern Seaside 3

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_004.jpg (2066 kB)
Eastern Seaside 4

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_005.jpg (2038 kB)
Eastern Seaside 5

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_006.jpg (2346 kB)
Eastern Seaside 6

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_007.jpg (1982 kB)
Eastern Seaside 7

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_008.jpg (4447 kB)
Eastern Seaside 8

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_009.jpg (3639 kB)
Eastern Seaside 9

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_010.jpg (5249 kB)
Eastern Seaside 10

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_011.jpg (3960 kB)
Eastern Seaside 11

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_012.jpg (3950 kB)
Eastern Seaside 12

Baylor_Seaside_of_the_Eastern_Shore_of_Virginia_013.jpg (3132 kB)
Eastern Seaside 13



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