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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Reports in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE) No. 361


This shoreline inventory has been developed as a tool for assessing conditions along the tidal shoreline of the river, and tributaries in the Piankatank River Watershed. Recent conditions are reported for three zones within the immediate riparian river area: riparian land use, bank and buffers, and the shoreline. A series of maps and tabular data are published to illustrate and quantify results of an extensive survey in the watershed. This survey extends from the mouth of the Dragon Run to the mouth of the Piankatank River, at the confluence with the Chesapeake Bay. Coverage extends slightly south and east, including regions surrounding Gwynn Island in Mathews County (Figure I).



Shoreline Management, Shoreline Inventory, Human Impacts, Erosion


The Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department, the Tidewater Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science



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