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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special scientific report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science); no. 156


Details of a vertical 1-D hydrodynamic model to simulate the horizontal velocity profiles for tidal estuarial flows with possible stratifications caused by salinity or Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC) are presented. The standard 2nd order k-ε model was implemented to address the turbulent flow with possible stratification effects. Simulation results are verified with two field measurements for steady nonstratified flows and a field measurement for tidal estuary non-stratified flow. The stratification effect of salinity and suspended sediment concentration are also checked with the following descriptions: “Salinity stratification will change the typical logarithmic velocity profile to a linear profile for most of the water column. It appears that the possible high gradient of near-bottom (less than 0.5 m) SSC when the nearbed SSC is high only significantly alter the velocity profile when the turbulence is weak. The source codes, in FORTRAN 90, samples of the ASCII input data files, and a post process codes for plotting results using Matlab are attached for future uses.



Estuaries -- Hydrodynamics; Sediment transport; Hydrodynamics