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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Resource Report No. 2012-12


Virginia is home to more than 200,000 recreational boats, providing a gateway to marine recreation in Chesapeake Bay and offshore waters. Virginia’s importance to boating access carries with it an expanding economy related to boating and boating related industries.

In addition to the large group of boater-citizens who reside in Virginia, local marine businesses such as marinas also provide access and berthing to many non-locally owned watercraft. While watercraft registrations provide a partial and useful estimate of the stock of boats in a region, the true economic impact arising from recreational boating primarily depends upon the type of boats as well as the frequency and nature of use.

The survey research completed and described in this report produces in-depth information regarding the economic activity and fiscal impacts of recreational boating to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Surveys of non-resident boat owners were completed during 2008. The surveys provided details on the amount and types of spending associated with watercraft use in Virginia.



Boating, Economics, Recreation, Marine



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