Carl H. Hobbs III, Project Manager.

Principal Investigators: G. R. Cutter, Jr., R. J. Diaz, J. A. Musick, J. Olney, Sr., D. M. Bilkovic, J. P.-Y. Maa, S. C. Kim, C. S. Hardaway, Jr., D. A. Milligan, R. Brindley, and C.H. Hobbs, III

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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OCS Study 2000-055


  • Technical summary / Carl H. Hobbs
  • Non-technical summary / Carl H. Hobbs
  • Part. 1. Benthic mapping and resource evaluation of potential sand mining areas, offshore Mayland and Delaware, 1998-1999 / G.R. Cutter and R.J. Diaz
  • Part. 2. Transitory species (vertebrate nekton) / John A. Musick
  • Part. 3. Literature survey of reproductive finfish and ichthyoplankton present in proposed sand mining locations within the Middle Atlantic Bight / John Olney, Donna Marie Bilkovic
  • Part. 4. Potential modifications to waves due to dredging and other oceanographic considerations / Jerome P.-Y. Maa, Sung C. Kim
  • Part. 5. Maryland-Delaware shoreline : long-term trends and short-term variability / C.S. Hardaway, D.A. Milligan, R.C.H. Brindley, C.H. Hobbs.


The study area includes the inner continental shelf generally out to approximately the 20 m isobath and shore of the region between Cape Henlopen, Delaware and Ocean City Inlet, Maryland. The study was conducted and is presented in five parts: 1) benthic habitat mapping and resource evaluation of potential sand mining areas, 2) a review of transitory species of fishes, sea turtles, and marine mammals that visit the study area, 3) a review of reproductive finfish and icthyoplankton that utilize the area, 4) a study of the potential modifications to waves due to dredging and other oceanographic considerations, and 5) an analysis of the long term trends and short term variability of the Maryland-Delaware shoreline. Part 1 required a substantial field effort including two cruises with collection and subsequent analysis of myriad samples and photographic or similar images of the bottom. Parts 2 and 3 primarily were reviews of the appropriate literature. Part 4 involved acquisition and analysis of historical wave and current information, reformatting of existing bathymetric data, and substantial computer modeling and analysis. Part 5 is a synthesis and interpretation of a varied suite of generally unpublished data.



Ocean mining; Sand-Maryland-Atlantic Coast; Sand-Delaware-Atlantic Coast;continental shelf, sand mining, benthic habitats, fisheries, wave refraction, storm surge, beach nourishment, shoreline, erosion


Contract Number: MMS 1435-01-97-CT-30853



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