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Invertebrate Keys

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Classification of algae --

  • Key to the free-swimming animals of jelly (less Hydromedusa) of Chesapeake Bay / H. Cones
  • Key to some Virginia hydroids / D. Calder -- Key to sea anemones of Chesapeake Bay / M. Wass --
  • A key to the species of nemerteans of Virginia / W. McCaul --
  • Key to the polychaetes of Virginia ... / M. Wass, J. Melvin, and J. Kerwin --
  • Key to some marine gastropods of Virginia / J. Kraeuter --
  • Key to the pycnogonida of Virginia / J. McCain-
  • Key to some groups of crustacea / J. Curtis --
  • Key to Virginia cumaceans / J. McCain --
  • A glossary of terms used in describing isopods, amphipods and decapods / J. Feeley --
  • Key to the isopoda and tanaidacea in marine waters of Virginia / J. McCain and D. Gibson --
  • Key to the amphipods of Virginia marine waters / J. McCain and J. Feeley --
  • Key to decapod crustaceans of the Chesapeake Bay area / M.L. Wass and J.M. Curtis --
  • Key to the echinoderms of Chesapeake Bay / J. Melvin --
  • Key to the chaetognatha of the inner continental shelf waters off Virginia / G.C. Grant.


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