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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Advisory Services (MAS)

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Virginia Sea Grant publication ; no. VSG-95-14.; Marine Resource Advisory ; no. 63.


The blue crab, Callinectes sapiclus, fishery has been one of the most important fisheries of Virginia. The importance of the fishery in terms of commercial activities has substantially increased in recent years in response to declining resource levels of American Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, and a growing international and domestic demand for soft crabs, female hard crabs, and crab meat.

The actual economic importance of the fishery, however, is not well known. For example, what are the employment and earning levels generated by the fishery? What portion of a waterman's household income is derived from crabbing? How much does crabbing contribute to state tax revenues? How do regulations affect the economies of coastal communities, and what are the economic impacts on processors, seafood dealers, restaurants, and providers of fishing supplies and services? Answers to these questions are necessary to manage the resource in the best interests of Virginia.


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