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The City of Virginia Beach is faced with an ongoing problem of erosion along its ocean beaches. The "Resort Strip," the backbone of beach-going tourism in the Commonwealth, must be renourished annually. Steel bulkheads or seawalls have been constructed along most of the 7 km (4.5 mile) ocean shoreline of Sandbridge, a semi-private, ocean-side community. The City is looking for beach material to reestablish its sandy coast. Maintaining a protective and recreational beach is the_primary goal in both locales.

Previous sources of sand for the "Resort Strip" have been upland borrow pits that either have closed or are located too far from the shore for economically feasible truck-haul. Most recent nourishment efforts have relied on a large dredge material stockpile at Lynnhaven Inlet. Although, this stockpile is adequate at present for beach nourishment, it must be transported by truck and its future as a sand resource is not certain. (more ....)



Sand -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach; Sand -- Virginia -- Sandbridge Beach; Beach nourishment -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach; Beach nourishment -- Virginia -- Sandbridge Beach; Shore protection

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