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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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A total of 1,903 striped bass were tagged in fall 1990 and 2,708 in spring 1991 on the Rappahannock River. A total of 2,405 striped bass were tagged in fall 1991 on the James River. In fall 1990, 47.2% of the striped bass tagged on the Rappahannock were less than 425 mm fork length (FL). In comparison, only 13.9% of the fish were less than 425 mm FL in spring 1991. Pound nets in the Rappahannock River accounted for 66.3% of the recaptures, while out of state recaptures accounted for only 2.65% of the total returns. In the fall 1990, the mean fork length of striped bass tagged and released in the James River that were captured by haul seines and fyke nets were 44 7 mm and 449 mm, respectively.


Project Period: 1 September 1990- 31 August 1991



Striped bass -- Virginia -- James River; Striped bass fisheries -- Virginia -- James River Striped bass -- Virginia -- Rappahannock River; Striped bass fisheries -- Virginia -- Rappahannock River



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